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A location for cross-border contacts.

The world of work is changing rapidly. The boundaries are becoming blurred and there is increasing demand for flexibility and agile, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Companies are looking to work globally at a location at the centre of their international activities. With efficient transport connections thanks to motorway access and airports. A location in the south of Germany, with short routes to the neighbouring countries of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Whether you need space for your administration employees or for storage capacity, for workshop space or production facilities, or a service for international logistics activities. For start-ups or companies looking to expand their international relationships.

NEUEHEIMAT is the perfect location. Inspired by life and global working and designed as the ideal contemporary solution for international business. For the office. For logistics. For the workshop.

Find out about the new opportunities now.

Welcome to NEUEHEIMAT:


NEUEHEIMAT. The benefits for you.

1,500 m² office space

135 m² trade / service

16,500 m³ of logistics /warehouse

800 m² production area




Our commitment goes far beyond today’s standard when it comes to rental offers. We offer the perfect blend of work and lifestyle, creating a truly inspiring atmosphere for creativity and innovation without the usual limitations.

Our lounge area is a retreat and a meeting place in one, offering space for conversation, the exchange of ideas and relaxation. Or simply somewhere to get a bit of privacy over a delicious coffee or snack.

The Kids Space is right at the heart of our philosophy of connecting work and life. It’s its own little world both inside and out. We offer solutions for employees with children with no time pressure and no stress. Allowing you to be more productive.

The multirooms in NEUEHEIMAT are fully equipped meeting rooms that can be used by anyone. They have full
digital infrastructure and optimal acoustics for personal meetings, cloud meetings and chats. And of course, all of this is with the very highest data rate.

Change your perspective.
and your location Welcome to NEUEHEIMAT.

NEUEHEIMAT. The benefits for you.

800 m² workshop space

Highly efficient infrastructure

Flexible uses

Optimal transport connections


Work, life and leisure in harmony.

With a lounge area, Kids Space and multirooms.

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